PharmRx Group, LLC in Chicago

PharmRx is an innovative,

patient-centered approach to pharmacy services facilitating collaboration between doctors and pharmacists at the point of care.

Why Point of Care?

A Point-of-Care Pharmacy does more than create new sources of revenue for medical clinics — it helps complete the integration of care for patients, thereby improving patient health, satisfaction, compliance and reduced healthcare costs. Patients will embrace the enhanced personal service resulting in greater drug therapy compliance and satisfaction with their course of treatment.

Why PharmRx?

By optimizing our patient-centered approach we can assist clinics with effective medication distribution, compliance and monitoring of medication prescribed to prevent errors and unnecessary costs.  We accomplish this by optimizing formularies, technology, personal service and by taking ownership of the medication use process.

Who We Are

PharmRx is an innovative, new approach to pharmacy services at the point of care. Our model was developed to allow physicians to improve their clinical outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction and increase clinic revenues by incorporating patient-centered pharmacy services into clinical practices.