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Integrated Pharmacy

Pharmacy services that benefit your practice, whether it’s a fully integrated pharmacy or mobile pharmacists.

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Health Systems/Hospitals

Integrate pharmacy services to increase medication adherence and HCAHPS scores, while reducing patient readmissions and Medicare payment penalties.

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Diagnostic Testing

Gain the benefit of a nationwide system of in-network labs that provide efficient, accurate results.

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Smart Desk for Healthcare

With this intuitive technology platform, you can offer data-driven healthcare and improve operational efficiency for a connected patient population

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Why Integrated Healthcare Services Lower Your Long-Term Costs

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Patient Compliance: Helping Your Patients Help Themselves to Better Health Outcomes

It's time to revisit the patient treatment compliance problem. Download our guide to learn what an Integrated Pharmacy is and why it's an important option for physician practices to consider.

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Ensuring Patients Follow Treatment Plan

In our ebook, A Physician's Guide to Ensuring Patients Follow Your Treatment Plan, we outline four actionable strategies to increase compliance among your patient ...

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